Tired of Low Revenue from AdSense?

As one of the world’s most utilized ad networks, Google AdSense is often heralded as the ultimate monetization tool for small publishers. But with its high revenue fees and aggressive competition, it is not as lucrative a platform as some would like to assume. Fortunately, there is a more exclusive alternative to AdSense that can significantly increase your earnings. Read below to learn how J. Fac can help you upgrade.

AdSense: Great for Starting Out, but There Are Better Options

To new publishers, Google AdSense can be an incredible tool. Just paste a few lines into your code, and several Google-certified ad networks will soon be competing to advertise on your page. This may seem like an easy way to earn money from your website. However, once your business begins to grow, you are likely to encounter the drawbacks of AdSense.

Seasoned publishers have found that it is difficult to make substantial income from AdSense alone. The amount of revenue that a site will earn from the platform is largely dependent on traffic volume. Because of this, you would need to accumulate a fairly large following before you actually start seeing good money from AdSense. Even more discouraging is the fact that the platform only pays publishers 68% of their earned revenue, so for every $100  you make, Google will take $32.

Better Options for Publishers

Fortunately, Google offers a higher-quality alternative to AdSense: Google Ad Exchange, or, AdX. While there are numerous benefits to using AdX over AdSense, it is generally favored simply because it allows publishers to earn more revenue. With AdX, publishers are able to set a floor price for bids on their ad inventory, guaranteeing higher earnings. Other advantages of AdX include:

  • Access to AdX-exclusive big brand/premium advertisers.
  • Advanced blocking-rule filtering, including specific advertiser blocking and user-based data blocking
  • The ability to create reports based on your own criteria

Google’s own comparison of the two products can be found here: https://support.google.com/admanager/answer/4599464?hl=en

Using J. Fac to Upgrade from AdSense

It is a common misconception that Google offers AdX only to “preferred publishers”, those with millions of monthly page views. The truth is that there is another way to gain access to the platform, and that is by joining through one of Google’s channel partners. This is where J. Fac comes in. As channel partners with Google, we are able to offer publishers of all sizes access to Google Ad Exchange.

Best of all, you do not need to pay for our services. Because we make money by taking a small share of ad revenue, we are dedicated to your success. We can provide tools such as content creation and SEO strategy to ensure that your site increases its traffic volume. We thrive when you do.

If you would like to take the first step towards earning more from your website, click here to get started.


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