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Being a Channel Partner of Google has opened new tools inside of Google Ad Manager (GAM), one being the Scaled Partner Management (SPM) section. This allows J. Fac to monetize our publishing partners’ inventory inside one of the largest ad exchanges on the planet, Google Ad Exchange (AdX).

A website typically requires millions of monthly page views to qualify for AdX. However, using the Scaled Partner Management tool, we’re able to offer the exchange to smaller-sized publishers, which Google will consider “child publishers.” 


Content Targeted Towards User Interests

J. Fac compiles both user interests and the content of your site in order to place the right ad directly onto your page, into your ad server, or linked to your current GAM Account, so you keep complete control.


Why Google AdX?

Many publishers ask us why they need Google AdX when they have AdSense already. A detailed answer can be found here. In this blog post is a comprehensive explanation of the differences between Google AdX and AdSense. To briefly summarize here, AdX has more competition and more branded ads, while AdSense is more focused on Performance, such as Cost-Per-Click (CPC) advertisements.

We suggest using both AdX and AdSense, J. Fac will provide you a code directly from Google, not wrapped by any third party technology. We can place your AdSense code inside of our platform and make sure that our CPM is set higher than your current page value. If our exchange bid is higher on it, great! We’ll serve the ad. If it isn’t, then we give the ad placement back to your AdSense account, and your AdSense will serve it as it always has been.


Our current partners have seen a significant growth in their page value by including us in their strategy, allowing them to focus more of their time on their social presence and creating more content for their user base. Need more Information, take a look at WHAT WE DO!

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