Your Caffeine TV Video Player Stopped Working, Now What?

Your outstream provider went down and your websites are losing ad revenue every minute that goes by without a Caffeine TV replacement, so what do you do?

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We offer a customizable and configurable online video platform that provides lightning fast speeds and is designed to exceed the requirements of Google’s Core Web Vitals.

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With streaming content from all the major sports leagues, including the NFL, MLB, NASCAR and more, along with offerings from Bon Appétit, Vogue, The Weather Network, People, and many others, your users will be too entertained to look away.

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Want to see our video player in action?

Our video player can appear anywhere you want to place it on-page including in-content and in the sidebar, with the ability to stick while the user scrolls to keep users engaged and ads rolling.

This website was created to act as a brochure for publishers to view our ad tech portfolio in an effort showcase how ads of various types appear on a live website.

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Don’t waste any more time after the Caffeine TV shut down wiped out your ability to generate video revenue.

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About J.Fac Associates

J. Fac Associates is a digital publishing company that specializes in ad monetization and unique content creation, providing our clients with a full-service, start-to-finish experience.

Using unique content from our owned and operated properties, we effectively manage our publishing partners’ web presence, increasing the yield of their sites.

Our goal is to achieve continued trust amongst publishers, becoming a strategic partner that you can count on in the digital space.

What happened to Caffeine TV?

Caffeine TV was a live streaming platform for gaming, sports, and other entertainment content that launched in 2018, after being founded by Australian born tech entrepreneur Ben Keighran and his business partner Sam Roberts.

Caffeine TV
via Caffeine TV

Caffeine abruptly ceased operations on June 26, 2024, stating that they were not able to achieve profitability after growing to 61 million monthly users.

Don’t let Caffeine TV’s shutdown affect your bottom line

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